who would’ve guessed the topic of eyebrows could be so deep

wilson botanic park, berwick

i really should take her outside more. but for a homebody such as myself who would rather read or crochet (although who am i kidding? chances are, i’d probably be sleeping my bum off.), it is quite an effort to get out of my hole-y house attire and draw my eyebrows. i know the latter isn’t mandatory but i don’t wanna be caught dead with my albino brows, do i?

speaking of dead, somebody i used to know died on this day. but at the time we were at the park, i didn’t know it yet. you know how they say that sometimes the dead/dying sends you signs or something? like the smell of candles or flowers, or a sudden gust of cold wind…

nope. nothing while i was browsing for a nice pair of over-the-knee boots online. not that i wanted him to. that would be downright creepy. not to mention awkward because we haven’t had any communication whatsoever for five years. a lot has changed since then. and i wouldn’t exactly say it was a good ending either. so if he did, i would’ve probably asked him to leave. and not in a very nice way.

several people messaged me asking me how i was, by virtue of my past association with him. like living ghosts coming out of nowhere to say, “how are you holding up?”

the truth is, i didn’t feel anything. and the fact that i could not squeeze any emotions out for him makes me feel guilty somehow. it’s not very politically correct.

it’s not that i hate him. i don’t. it’s just that there’s nothing left to feel. it’s all water under the bridge. and i burned that bridge a long time ago.

so at the risk of sounding like a heartless bitch, yeah, i’m okay.

wilson botanic park, berwickwilson botanic park, berwickwilson botanic park, berwick

4 thoughts on “who would’ve guessed the topic of eyebrows could be so deep

  1. Great post! I love your honesty and can certainly relate to staying at home in my holey home clothes and shopping online. And you know what, sometimes you don’t have feelings for people anymore. you move on.. 🙂

    1. all those clothes in our closet and we stick to only a handful of pieces that has been tried and tested through time, hey? now isn’t that true love?

      and, yeah, you couldn’t have said it any better. sometimes the feelings you used to have for people you used to love just aren’t there anymore and that’s okay. they have served their purpose in our lives, good or bad, but that chapter has ended. let’s just say i’ve learnt my lesson. 🙂

      p.s. omg, your brownies had me at hello! drool

        1. they’re everyone’s guilty pleasure. i like having cake once in a while so i reckon it’s good that i can’t bake. otherwise…

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