the tea party that almost never happened

by default, every one in the house was invited, including chico, our dog. even baby lion, aeva’s favorite stuffed animal. we all had our proper invites. i remember aeva busily writing them the day before although i don’t remember actually receiving one. with the flurry of activity that the rest of the day brought, i think she forgot to distribute them.

but who needs invites when she and el2 loudly woke us all up on the morning of the event anyway? proudly announcing that the tea party was ready and that we had to wear our ‘finest’ clothes. call time was at 8:00 in mommyla’s garden.

with eyes still groggy from sleep, we showed up at ‘the venue’ one by one. what we saw was definitely a nice surprise.

tea party

there were donuts and macarons and sweet biscuits. broas and stick-o’s and curly tops. beautifully arranged in platters that screamed ‘sugar!’ not exactly healthy, nor the kind you can call breakfast, but it was all good, nonetheless. i don’t wanna sound like a party pooper with my paranoia against all things sugary since i’m also the type who would happily scarf down 2 krispy kremes in one go because i can also be a hypocrite like that. i choose my poison wisely.

tea party

and because it was a ‘proper’ event fit for a royalty, we even had place cards to allocate our seating arrangement.

except that we didn’t exactly have any chairs, save for a bench we had to share amongst us and chico, who took the liberty of claiming a lot of space as his.

all in all, it was definitely a great way to start the day. probably not on a daily basis as far as the sugary treats is concerned but, you know, just hanging out with the kiddos and my folks who were game enough to participate. nevermind that they missed the memo on the required attire. although chances are, they just couldn’t be bothered.

tea partytea partytea partytea partytea partytea partytea partytea partytea partytea partytea partytea party

*raven at 1 year and 3 months old

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