5 thoughts on “yarra bend park

  1. I LOVE this place! Remember going there about a year ago for a hike, and it was actually much bigger than I expected. Did not finish walking the trails all the way through, lol. I remember taking the bus there, and had to climb up this massive slope when going back up to catch it. So puffed!

    1. sadly, we didn’t really get the chance to explore the place beyond the bridge. not only was it getting cold, but it was about to rain as well. it didn’t help that when we went there, the weather was as moody as i was and everything looked brown and dull. 😦

      1. I feel the same way, that when you go walking when it’s cloudy and looking like it might rain, the parks and trees all look dull! Yesterday it was overcast and I went on one of my walks, and the scenery was exactly like that, lol. Makes finishing the walk a bit unmotivating, but it was fun nonetheless.

  2. I love that the place looks so quiet and relaxing. Something I have appreciated as I get older. Also it looks like no one was there except for your group.

    1. it was a pretty quiet afternoon when we went. and yeah, ditto for appreciating non-crowded places as you get older. although looking back, i have always been one to find comfort in silence or quiet conversations. i was already old before i even actually got old. lol. does that even make sense?

      merry christmas, diane! hope you had a good one. 🙂

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