a williams kind of town

jeff said you can see docklands from where we stood but either i wasn’t looking far enough or my sense of orientation is shot because for the life of me, i didn’t even know exactly where we were. all i knew was that we were in this historic pier in williamstown and the sunset looked captivating with the sailboats and the sea as the foreground.

thomastown, victoria, australiathomastown, victoria, australiathomastown, victoria, australia

“would you live here, ma?” he asked. a customary question whenever we’re in someplace new.

don’t get me wrong. it is a charming little place but to be honest, i didn’t really feel a strong connection with it. none of that “boom! i’m in love, marry me.” sort of feeling, you know what i mean? or maybe it’s the sort of town that slowly and gradually gets under your skin with each visit. i don’t know. we’ll see the next time we go back. because i have the feeling we will.

because jeff absolutely loved the place. partly because they had this vegan restaurant which he couldn’t stop raving about for three days straight and probably still will if you so much as open the topic (more on that later), and also because it was a part of melbourne he hasn’t really “invaded” yet with his superb skating skills. most of the people who saw him were cheering him on and the poofter loved every minute of it! he said he had one hater, though, but that he just let it slide. said he wasn’t gonna let one guy’s negativity affect his passion nor hinder him from enjoying his life. wise words from an ancient man. #respect #fossil #grandpaknowsbest

thomastown, victoria, australiathomastown, victoria, australiathomastown, victoria, australia

the days are getting warmer now. everyone’s out and about enjoying balmy afternoons that cools down to freezing temperatures at night just to remind you that yep, you’re still in melbourne, bitch! i kid. the temperature changes are not really that bad but i’m the kind of person who gets cold rather easily. a one degree drop and my bones start to get the chills.

but then again, i’m also the kind of person who prioritizes fashion over comfort so maybe it’s just me. although i have to admit i feel jealous looking at teenagers in skimpy summer attires in the middle of winter as if it’s 32 degrees out. like, seriously?! (how do they do it? or better yet, how do they survive?!)

madame k's vegetarian restaurant, thomastown

now this is where jeff’s newfound obsession with food comes in: madame k’s vegetarian restaurant. obviously, it’s a haven for vegans and vegetarians alike and jeff was over the moon with the dishes that we ordered — caramelized lamb sliders for me, mashed sweet potato for raven, and that pork thingie with chinese broccoli for jeff.

let’s just say he loved them all, although love is an understatement, considering how he couldn’t stop singing praises for the food throughout the whole meal.

“the texture… the taste… now this is meat, minus the guilt!” he went on and on in between bites, “what is this made of, anyway?”

“cardboard,” i dryly offered. half-joke and half-disappointment because i reckon the real thing still tastes better. no offense to all you vegans/vegetarians out there.

madame k's vegetarian restaurant, thomastownmadame k's vegetarian restaurant, thomastownmadame k's vegetarian restaurant, thomastown

service there was pretty good. the staff was friendly and all that, but we had a bit of a wait to have our food served. i was getting fungry. good thing our little munchkin was there to distract me — banging cutleries on the table, dropping a spoon one too many times and me picking it up each and every time, trying to eat the napkin and me grabbing it off her or asking her to spit it out, etc etc etc.

they really do keep you on your toes, toddlers. she’s getting cheekier and cheekier each day it’s amusing and exasperating at the same time but i love her so much more, nonetheless.

gelateria capriccio, williamstown gelateria capriccio, williamstowngelateria capriccio, williamstown

capped our short trip off with some italian ice cream at gelateria capriccio. it was so good! no wonder the shop was packed and every other person i saw walking down the street was holding a cone.

raven’s face, though. the best! 😀

*raven at 1 year and 6 months old

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