when the road takes you back to geelong

i’m thinking next time, maybe i should unload everything (read: pictures, collages, and word vomit) in one insanely long post instead of dishing them out in bite-size pieces like those finger foods served in toothpicks. i used to do that before and it was fun. playing around with words until 3 in the morning or well into daybreak, depending on how active my muse was in keeping up with my mania.

things have changed. i now write my stuff in increments because at the moment, it’s currently an ongoing battle between writing vs sleep. or writing vs adulting. or should i say, child-minding services?

at any rate, it’s exactly 4:50 in the morning and you can bet your kidneys somebody will be a zombie come 7am because a baby is ready to start the day while a mother is just about ready to end it.

good luck to me.

i was thinking of scheduling this to publish at a later date since i just published one a couple of hours ago but i just really wanna move on. i have heaps of backlogs from our trip to cebu and yet jeff still hears me complaining i need new material. each and every time. he doesn’t believe me anymore. i have become that boy who cried wolf.


the trip to torquay was nice and all and i definitely enjoyed the scenery. and it was such a beautiful sunny day that it kind of made the whole experience worthwhile. and by that, i mean you get to actually soak in the sights and sounds and focus on how wonderful nature is instead of concentrating on surviving and making sure your vital signs are still within normal range while actively fighting against hypothermia because the sun may be out but the frigid wind is out to get you too.

so, anyway again, we drove back to geelong on the way back home. wanted to cap el2’s birthday off with a quick snack there because we didn’t find any cafes open within the torquay area. i reckon we just got lost, but it was fun driving around residential neighborhoods and looking at houses and guestimating how much they’re probably worth because we like to pretend we’re experts in real estate.

i don’t look at houses and see $$$ signs, though. i look at their windows and wonder what sort of people live there. what their stories are. what they think and feel when they’re cooking or watching tv or doing whatever mundane stuff behind closed doors.

i know it sounds so psycho killer-ish but it’s not. if that’s the case, are all writers psychopaths? hmm… food for thought.

if there’s one housing preference that has remained consistent over the years, it’s that i love small cottage houses with those dainty decorative awnings and white picket fences. the kind your grandma would live in. the kind where you’d almost expect to see couches decorated with crochet throws that she herself made.

speaking of crochet throws, i am so enjoying the process of the one i’m working on at the moment that it’s now the size of a f%cking queen-sized blanket! (well, almost. i’m running out of yarns.) i’ll show you when it’s finished. it looks a bit cray but then again, art depicts the mind of the maker, eh?

and as far as geelong is concerned…

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belated happy birthday to one of the greatest aunts in the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

*raven at 1 year & 4 months old

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