and the waves come crashing

so there i was sitting on top of the cliff  watching and listening to these massive waves rolling in and thinking, “that’s power right there.”

and it’s amazing how the waves that exhilarate the surfers below are the same waves that brought this sense of serenity within me.

torquay, victoria, australia

all of a sudden i’m analyzing life and what my purpose is in the grand scheme of things and how much i love my brown leather diana ferrari tall boots which was the very first thing i bought in australia when i arrived in 2013 and how it took me hours to find one that would hug my chicken calves nice and tight and how i almost gave up but right when i was about to leave, i saw that perfect little puppy on a lonely corner and voila! 4 years later and we’re still going strong. #relationshipgoals

on a side note, i also crocheted my beanie. it’s not perfect but it did the job of hiding a bad hair day so i can’t complain.

so, anyway…

torquay, victoria, australia

the nice thing about tourist spots here in victoria is that they have very detailed signposts everywhere. it’s almost impossible to get lost although i wouldn’t be surprised if people still do because the parks are extensive and the trails are long. and depending on where you are, there may be some loss of GPS signal so if worse comes to worst, you really need your ancient survival skills to get those sticks smokin’ to SOS a fire.

god forbid you light up the whole bush.

torquay, victoria, australiatorquay, victoria, australiatorquay, victoria, australiatorquay, victoria, australia

this place is a haven for surfers, i tell you. i’m not even exaggerating about the waves. their sound alone is f%cking scary. i don’t even wanna think about the sharks loitering about beneath the waters. that sport is definitely not for the weak of heart. i reckon you gotta be a bit of a daredevil with a touch of crazy to roll with nature’s most powerful element and call it fun. respect.

as for people the likes of me who would rather watch the landscape while warming up our asses… cheers!

torquay, victoria, australiatorquay, victoria, australiatorquay, victoria, australia

because while we do not necessarily have the guts to go out there for a dose of adrenaline rush, we have thick enough faces to go on an impromptu photoshoot that would make even sharks blush. respect.

torquay, victoria, australiatorquay, victoria, australiatorquay, victoria, australiatorquay, victoria, australiatorquay, victoria, australia

4 thoughts on “and the waves come crashing

  1. Torquay look so beautiful. Your shots look like my shots that I took of the place earlier this year. Amazing views 😀 Haha, lucky you found those boots. I’ve never worn them as my legs are just sooo skinny. Even finding skinny jeans for me is hard, even if I go for popular brands like Levis. But Superdry seems to like me 😀

    I love the sound of the waves, and walking across a proper beach with soft sand like the beaches in Torquay. It makes St Kilda Beach and Port Melbourne Beach and also Black Rock Beach pale in comparision 😀

    1. there’s nothing like being at the beach, to be honest. there’s one caveat, though: AS LONG AS I’M NOT EFFING FREEZING! hahaha. that’s where i draw the line. because otherwise, i’m focusing more on survival than on the beauty around me. :p

      i reckon you’d rock tall boots too. keep looking for one with narrow calves. there’s bound to be one that’s perfect for you out there. 🙂

      1. I got calves of an eight-year old lol. And kids’ boots are just waaay to uncomfortable lol 😀

        A cold beach I’d rather avoid, and always a windy day at the beach because it’s the wind that usually makes it cold :/

        1. i know, right?! i especially hate it when i’m all dressed for “summer” at the beach but end up wishing i brought a winter coat because the cold wind is annoying me to the bone. like, literally!

          but having said that, i’m still counting the days to summer. and i’m loving that we’re getting a few warm sunny days every now and then. 🙂

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