stopover ice cream

if you’re from cebu, chances are, you’ve probably been to molave milk station. i’ve been there before. with friends and people i’d rather not remember but cannot forget because their existence in my life had been documented on this friggin’ blog but, oh well, what can you do? i have to say i was a much better writer before, though. i re-read the whole post and seriously, i don’t know what the hell happened to my so-called wit. now i’m just this plain old boring old person struggling to be politically correct and polite so as not to offend anybody.

i am polite. it’s just that my posts have become bland in the process. i guess i have censored myself and my thoughts too much, to a point where i can’t even come up with witty sarcasms on the spot which used to be my forte. sarcasm is a sign of intelligence, did you know that? i reveled in it. i was that kid laughing and rolling around in the mud. no f%cks given and none taken.

so, anyway, what i’m trying to say is that their ice cream was utterly disappointing. i mean, for the price, it just wasn’t worth it. and that’s me being honest. after waiting in line for what seemed like forever (there wasn’t exactly a long queue. it’s just that the service was ridiculously slow, for some reason.), we finally(!) got our avocado and mango ice cream, already on melting point by the time they were transported to the upper deck.

or maybe cebu was just a bit too hot that day. i was looking at raven and she looked like she was on melting point! sweat and all! then again, this was her first day in a tropical country. her sweat glands had to cope like crazy to keep her whole thermoregulation mechanism going.

either way, taste-wise, their ice cream was blah. i mean, it’s alright. some people actually like it. i’m just saying, if i were on death row and they ask me what i want for my last meal, it wouldn’t be on my tray. you know what i mean?

but enough with the chit-chat. let’s move on to the pictures, which is all that matters, anyway.

molave milk station, barili, cebumolave milk station, barili, cebumolave milk station, barili, cebu

*raven at 1 year & 2 months

4 thoughts on “stopover ice cream

    1. Bohol bee farm’s ice cream is much better, i reckon, so you’re not really missing out much. Hehehe.

      Speaking of bee farm, i was addicted to their lemongrass juice the last time i was there. So good! 👍

  1. is this in barili? i passed by this town a many times, but never spent a day. it’s in my checklist. my maternal grandparents are old barili family, the cañetes.

    1. yes, it is. all the more reason to check the place out, hey? who knows, maybe the owners actually know your grandparents! now that would be interesting.

      barili is actually a nice town. i particularly like it for their hot and steaming, freshly-made bingka. yum!!!

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