a rosie kinda day

i think she’s on a secret mission to fatten me up. i’m still fantasizing about the dessert she prepared for me — strawberries, blueberries, and banana with lemon sorbet and whipped cream on the side. she shouldn’t have let me near the canister. i was addicted to pumping cream into my bowl and watching in amazement over the beautiful foam that formed right before my eyes.

i’ve never bought whipped cream that came in aerosol cans before. i can’t believe how much i have been missing out all these years! trust me when i say that i’m going to make a special trip to aldi just to get my hands on ’em.

goodluck with the calories.


for lunch, rosie made vegetable soup and stuffed bell pepper. she didn’t have to. i would’ve been happy with just a sandwich or whatever because i didn’t want her to go through all the trouble but she said she was happy to go through all that trouble.

she never fails to make me feel loved and special. seriously, she’s like my best friend here in australia. and it’s great that she’s like, twice my age, because she gives me awesome advice about anything and everything but grounds me at the same time when she confesses that she’s also still learning about life and that she hasn’t really got everything figured out.

“sometimes i wonder if everything i did for love was all worth it,” she said.

that made me think. hard.

but not as hard as when she asked, “what’s your biggest regret in life?”

i couldn’t really think of any. and that’s when i realized that i have pretty much blacked out 8 years of my previous relationship because i just totally forgot about it. as if it never existed. looking back now, i regret not leaving sooner.

but with everything, it’s all a lesson to be learned. something we both agreed.

she made me a new cup of tea.


*raven at 1 year & 3 months old

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