when ‘me before you’ doesn’t quite cut it but i know something else that will.

so i watched ‘me before you’ on netflix last night and i have to say it was actually quite a good movie. and when i say a movie is good, it means that i didn’t fall asleep halfway through like i always do when jeff controls the remote.

he says i have a weird taste in movies. something i’m not going to contest because admittedly, i have this thing for “slow” movies, if you know what i mean. i like indie movies that make me think and reflect, even if it’s just to exclaim at the end, “what the f*%# did i just watch?!”

no, wait, that’s usually jeff’s line when he watches my movies.

one time, we watched this incredibly horrible cebuano movie and not only did the zombies need better makeup artists, but the audio and visual quality was so bad it was as if it was shot using one of the earliest motion picture cameras. it was almost black and white. but then again, we just streamed it off the internet from an illegal downloading website so it might have just been a server thing or whatchamacallit. but those zombies still need better makeup.

as bad as it was, it still managed to entertain the hell out of me. enduring it for almost an hour was my way of supporting the local creative industry and recognizing them for their effort. it also made me realize how funny my own dialect sounds when used in the context of acting. there’s definitely a bit of exaggeration here and there and a lot of times i found myself cringing inside. why the heck can’t they just talk normally like a normal bisaya would?!

which also led me to the next question: do i talk like that?

so, anyway, me before you. all i can say is, it really helps when the male protagonist is rich, huh? otherwise, the heroine wouldn’t have found herself sipping coffee in paris and buying fancy french perfume and going to fashion school and all the perks she got for falling in love with some wealthy quadriplegic. having that windfall definitely increased her chances to “live her life and live it boldly.”

pardon me if i sound bitter. it’s just that movies and books like this are not very reflective of real life. that’s why they’re classed under ‘fiction.’

i haven’t read the book but i have the feeling it’s better than the movie because books are always better than the movies. but if you have, and you love it, may i suggest something similar, minus the fairytale concept?

i promise it would be sooooooo one hundred days of happinessworth your time.


it’s witty and sad and happy and omigod, i was literally crying by the end of it. and i don’t mean the kind where you dab the corners of your eyes with tissue so as not to smear your mascara.

i’m talking ugly cry.

and mind you, it takes a lot to make me cry. jeff says i’m pretty much made of stone but this book, man. this book is where he’s wrong about me because i do feel. a lot. and when you’re a sensitive person with a lot of feelings going on, you learn to filter. there’s only too much your heart can take and your brain to overthink and overanalyze.

this is one of those books that got me all in — hook, line, and sinker. and it does it without you even noticing that you already took the bait. and before you know it, you’re already 100% invested as to what happens to the main character’s life and you’re already heartbroken knowing that at some point, you’re gonna have to say goodbye.

i hate goodbyes.

this book pretty much sums up why i do.

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