one chill sunday

sometimes it’s kind of hard to remember what my body used to look like before. looking at photos of me seven months ago can have the same effect as looking at those that date back to 5, 10 years ago when i didn’t give a damn about my eyebrows looking like a a pair of shapeless albinos. now, i can’t seem to leave the house without at least coloring them in. because that’s what you call “making up for lost time.” i pretty much started late in this whole eyebrows business.

lately, aside from my eyebrows, it’s my growing baby bump i fuss the most. i have to admit the struggle is so fucking real. “i have nothing to wear!” takes on a whole new meaning, and a genuine one at that. i seriously have trouble finding clothes that fit me in a way that (1) reaches past my hips; (2) doesn’t make me look like a dumpling; and (3) is long enough to cover my tummy. i don’t know how some preggers do it. here i am just trying to get by one outfit at a time.

and i thought trying to squeeze myself in this dress was pretty hectic. turns out i had no idea what awaited me in the months to come. lol. but i remember this day like it was just a week ago. sartorial frustration aside, this was one of our lazy sundays spent at the beach. well, more like behind the bath houses taking pictures of each other because a chill photoshoot is jeff’s definition of “a lazy (sun)day.” i was happy to go along. i mean, what can i do? haha.

but, nah, it was nice. we ended up eating ice cream at this park by the lake. just quietly sitting there next to each other looking at ducks and enjoying each other’s company in peace. that, for me, was a memorable day. doesn’t take much to wow me, really. i’m a cheap date. =p

chill afternoon photoshootchill afternoon photoshootchill afternoon photoshootchill afternoon photoshootchill afternoon photoshootchill afternoon photoshoot

*9 weeks pregnant

12 thoughts on “one chill sunday

        1. hahahahaha. you’re pretty on your own already, what are you talking about? lol. remember when you first started doing your kilay sad and you posted a pic of you on insta? that was really good! you should keep doing it until ma perfect na nimo mong kilay and you can do all your makeup in just 5 minutes.

          and besides, blooming baya kaayo ka lately ha so minimal makeup ra jud imong kailangan. hehehe. ayeee!!! =p

  1. Such lovely photos of you and Jeff. You two were meant to be. Very lovely and I ship the two of you πŸ˜€ The sun light looked very nice. Did someone help the two of you take the photos?

    Awww. Sorry to hear finding clothes that fit these days is hard. We all go through different phases in life and our bodies are always changing. And clothes usually don’t come cheap either! Just the other day I was pulling on some skinny jeans I hadn’t worn in a few months. They felt sooo tight. I want to buy a new pair but, but…I still have so many clothes πŸ˜€

    1. nah, we just set up the tripod and timed our pictures with a remote control. =)

      as far as skinny jeans go, i’ve had those issues too, even pre-pregnancy. it can get frustrating not fitting in your clothes, huh? especially when they’re your favorite ones. girl problems. lol. but, hey, you reckon they shrink through the years and it’s not us who are getting, um, healthier? lol. =p

      1. Those are really, really well-timed photos. Jeff is a really, really good photographer πŸ˜€

        Hahaha. Maybe clothes do shrink through the years. After all, they shrink when they go through the wash. Another thing I hate about clothes is when I really like them, they fit well but they wear out after a year πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks, vivienne! I’m probably not the best model to begin with because i get really self-conscious a lot and half of my photos end up with me looking like i’m high on drugs. Lol. The struggle is real, so they say. I’m just glad jeff is very patient with me.

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