belated christmas at rosie’s

christmas at rosie's

nevermind the age gap. she’s still very much young at heart and she’s one of my very first friends since i moved in with jeff some two years ago. i was still so probinsyana back then. (i still am.) a filipino native fresh off the boat from woop-woop whose english was as hesitant as when she was crossing the street — uncertain whether to look left or right and ends up breaking her neck from jerking her head furiously right and left and then back again. and again, just in case.

which makes me laugh right now because those two things still hold true. i honestly thought i would at least acquire a bit of an aussie accent but as it turns out, i’m getting more and more bisdak each day it’s not funny anymore. what is funny, though, is listening to jeff speak in bisaya so fluently as if he never left cebu 25 million years ago. (told you he’s jurassic!) you should’ve heard him try to speak the language the first time we met. no offense, but it was quite painful to hear. probably how i sound expressing myself verbally in english when i’m mad at him. fair enough. i just hope i get some brownie points for trying and sound cute in the process. like them latinas talking in english with a spanish accent. (now that is hot!)

so, yeah, anyway, rosie’s the kind of person who makes you feel comfortable. like, you can tell her anything and everything even if you just met her 5 minutes ago. it’s amazing how we hit it off right at the start; chatting about love and life and star signs and everything else in between. she’s been through a lot and i respect her wisdom and her honesty.

jeff and i dropped by to visit her and philip yesterday to catch up and it felt really nice to have a bit of a chat with her while i nibbled on german pastries (the chocolate-coated gingerbread cookies were so good!) and sipped peppermint tea. all in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon in her company. =)

westfield knox city

spent the rest of the day at westfield knox city. jeff says he’s on a mission to take me to different shopping centres but i can see through his bluff. truth is, he just wants to spend his holidays going from one jb hi-fi shop to another. same shit, different jb hi-fi location. and i just tag along with him.

westfield knox city

on the bright side, he feeds me well in return. we tried this malaysian restaurant which served really good food i’m pretty sure gordon ramsay would approve. the interiors were nicely done too. if i were into food blogging, i would’ve raved about our meal complete with pictures and reviews galore. or even bother to remember the name of the restaurant, at the very least. but jeff and i are the type of people who eschew protocol and ravage our food before remembering to take photos of them.

and i’m the type of person who says i’m not hungry but then finishes everything on my plate while helping myself to some of his.

*23 weeks pregnant

9 thoughts on “belated christmas at rosie’s

    1. oh, she is. you’d love her too, geng. she’s like my version of your bicke. hehehe.

      watch out for what? my neck breaking or cars coming? lol.

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