breakfast at melissa cakes cafe bar. now you know what to get. you’re welcome.

i’m not much of a breakfast eater. as a matter of fact, i don’t really eat breakfast at all. i know, i know. it’s the most important meal of the day, blah, blah, blah. i don’t know how some people do it. eat breakfast, i mean.

so if i start raving about bruschettas with avocado pesto, tomatoes, feta cheese and poached eggs on top and actually get excited for it, then it must be a reaaally good breakfast meal.

it is. you just gotta take my word for it.

melissa cakes cafe bar, dandenong

you only get it at melissa cakes cafe bar, as far as i know. well, you can make one from scratch if you’re determined enough. i reckon it’s pretty easy as long as you have the recipe (still looking for it) although the poached eggs might be a challenge to make. (i tried. and failed miserably.)

melissa cakes cafe bar, dandenong

but, yeah, that’s my go-to meal for breakfast when jeff and i find ourselves at melissa’s (so much so that i had to take a photo of it just in case i feel like blogging about food like i am now).

that, and a pineapple sunrise.

melissa cakes cafe bar, dandenong

…while jeff usually goes for the scrambled eggs. something so simple that everyone cannot not make it. it’s very difficult to screw up and i make him scrambled eggs a lot of times but he says the one at melissa’s is better that it secretly hurts my culinary feelings. it’s okay, though, the scrambled eggs. so-s0. #bitter

melissa cakes cafe bar, dandenong

they also sell cakes there too. (thus, the name?) — cakes, burgers, steaks, parmas, etc. i once tried their parma and it was great, except that it was HUGE!!! the moment they served it, my reaction ranged from shock to denial then back to shock in a matter of seconds. there was no way it was good for just one person. i asked jeff to double check and he said yes: it was good for one person. which sent me into shock yet again.

i’ve never felt more pressured to finish my food in my entire life! (okay, apart from my childhood days when my mom would insist that i eat everything she put on my plate. or else.) i swear, i was almost in tears. looking at other people on other tables scraping their plates clean while i struggled to shove down the chicken down my protesting throat. in the end, jeff must have took pity on me that he told me it was okay to not finish it.

i barely finished half.

so i told myself that the next time, i’m definitely ordering a kiddie meal. when i did several weeks ago, they asked me if i was ordering for a 7-year old or younger.

needless to say, i couldn’t possibly pass for a child.


popit. just because.

6 thoughts on “breakfast at melissa cakes cafe bar. now you know what to get. you’re welcome.

  1. That avocado and poached egg on toast looks so delicious! I trust that the bread was not rock hard – quite a few cafes I’ve been to in Melbourne serve fairly dry and hard toasted bread, which is a shame since avocado and eggs taste so good here in Australia.

    I read somewhere that Asians and Westeners make scrambled eggs differently…when my mum makes scrambled eggs, it doesn’t have cream or milk and tends to be oiler than the Western ones.

    Oh no, you couldn’t even eat half of the chikcy parma 😦 I don’t think I could too, it sounds massive. Did the cafe actually let you order the kid’s meal? I’ve always wanted to try it in restaurants but never dared 😀

    1. my scrambled eggs are perfect, as far as i can say. but then again, i’m extremely biased. lol. i do add a little bit of water to the eggs, though. something i learned from a 60-something year old friend. i reckon it makes the egg softer because the water evaporates, leaving the egg alone or something. whatever. that’s just me trying to make sense of the logic behind it. hehe.

      and no, unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me order it, the kid’s meal. shame. but if other restaurants offer them to little grownups, why not? =p

      1. Okay. Next time I come round to your place, I demand a plate of your scrambled eggs! Be careful when you add water to the eggs especially if you’re doing that while it’s frying in the pan…you don’t want bits of eggs flying in your face!

        That’s terrible to hear the restaurant didn’t let you order the kids meal. I had no idea there are rules around this 😦 For small eaters or if we’re not that hungry, it really is a way of not wasting food. And some restaurants don’t allow you to take away.

        1. hahaha. i’ll try not to disappoint you with my scrambled eggs. =p

          you add the water while you’re whisking the eggs, before you pour it in the pan. and yeah, tell me about flying foodstuff. i once had this banana spring roll explode while i was frying it. it was scary! there were bits of banana on the ceiling, the walls, and some even went to my face. thank god i didn’t get any major burns from it. oh well, the perks of cooking.

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