driving down the countryside

road triproad trip

until now, it still amazes me how huge and diversified australia’s scenery can get. victoria, in particular. granted, it’s not as densely populated as in the philippines. but what trips me out the most is the vastness of natural views. you know, like grasses and trees and bushes and anything remotely green against a backdrop of white and blue clouds with the occasional birds in flight that you see every now and then. it’s amazing.

the last time i felt this awed by nature while on a road trip was en route to el nido, palawan (which was like, a million years ago). every time i looked out the window to rest my eyes from crushing on this dude in front of me and saw all those greens, i was like, “wow!”

mornington pensinsulamornington peninsula

multiply that by 500% and that’s exactly how it feels like watching the roadside view over here. although i must admit you get kind of used to it after a while. after that you start thinking about bush fires. (that’s mornington peninsula, by the way.)

and did i mention how wide and smooth the roads here are? because they are. and to think some of the places we went to are already considered regional areas. meaning, you need to catch a v-line train to get there. which means they’re pretty much outside the metro. which means that to travel from those places to the city during peak hours is suicide.

but how can you resist the rural charm, though?

cows road tripcows road tripcows road tripcows road tripcows road trip

10 thoughts on “driving down the countryside

  1. Yes, Victoria does have lovely countryside. Those are very stunning photos, I love the cloud cover, looks almost unreal. Which part of the country is this? Love the close-up shots of the cows. They don’t too happy to see you. Maybe they were just bored or were hungry, and were disappointed you didn’t jump over the fence 😀

    1. the photos were taken at mornington peninsula. and yeah, the vast countryside has this certain poetry about it. it’s nice. =)

      as for the fence… i’m not sure if they were electric fences so i didn’t wanna risk it. lol.

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