borrowed, bought, given 2014

what was supposed to be a year-ender post turned into another backlog. one of the many. (so, what’s new?)

anyways, i started this little blog tradition back in 2010. did it annually since then until i slipped up last year. and when i say “last year,” i’m talking 2013. hands down, that year has got to be the lousiest reading year for me. the nerd in me is ashamed to admit that out of those 365 days, i read only two books. two!

okay, i lied. one and a half. the full one doesn’t really count since it’s practically a children’s book but come on, you have to at least give me some credit for reading alice in the wonderland.


and the other 1/2? leo tolstoy’s “anna karenin.” aka the most potent sedative i have ever known. no offense to all the classics fanatics out there but to be perfectly honest, that book seriously knocked me out after reading just a couple of pages. the only reason i was able to go through 3/4 of it was because of sheer will. until i realized, “why the hell am i punishing myself reading this?!”

so, yeah, that was 2013 for me.

2014 was when i picked up where i slacked off, reading-wise. 13 books ain’t so bad. i mean, it’s better than 1 & 1/2 so i’m not exactly complaining.

cheers to 2015! =)


10 thoughts on “borrowed, bought, given 2014

  1. I have read three of those books! The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, The Wizard of Oz, and Running with Scissors! I liked the Dog in the Night-time kay naay illustrations hehehehe 😀

    1. Isn’t “running with scissors” funny? i found it hilarious. loved it! “the dog in the night time” was a good read too. same with “the wizard of oz.”

      let me guess. you’re a fan of booksale too, huh?

      ‘coz i am. =)

      1. Yup, lingaw tanan! After reading The Wizard of Oz, I wanted to read all the books in the series. I think there’s 14, but I have only found 3. Lingaw pud ang books ni Augusten Burroughs… have you read Magical Thinking?

        Yes, I can spend all afternoon in Booksale! Hahahaha

        1. lol. i know that feeling. booksale is the best! i find it very difficult to walk out of that shop without buying anything.

          augusten burroughs is a very good writer. i love his sense of humor. i haven’t read “magical thinking” but thanks for telling me. i’ll keep an eye out for it. if only they also have booksale here. that would be awesome.

  2. 13 books is quite a number of books! I am sure when you read a book you don’t want to rush through it – savour the words and story and find the lesson. I didn’t read too many books myself last year…probably less than 10 😦 Then again, I read news articles and lifestyle articles and blog posts…that counts as reading I suppose 🙂 Good luck reading this year, best wishes ❤

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