counting them on one hand

sure, the recent surge in spontaneous food trips is not doing any good to my arteries considering how we have been loading up on meat and pasta but these girls sure are healthy for my heart. yep, their boys included. (because they make very good drivers and/or photographers “upon request.” lol.)

so, yeah, instead of packing, this is what i have been doing lately: catching up with the freaks who’ve been by my side for 14 years. the precious few who saw me through the best and the worst times of my life and loved me just the same. nursed each other’s heartbreaks with warm words and cold beer. exorcised the demons haunting us inside with a few carefully chosen videoke songs. roma to the rescue when the notes get a little too high and our vocal cords were stretched to the limit.

somehow, as the years went by, the videoke sessions turned into food trips and the alcoholic drinks turned into coffee/tea. we’re getting old.

and i still am not done packing.

schizos at greenwich ayalatazza caferoma makeuphandurawtomo cafe

3 thoughts on “counting them on one hand

  1. Getting old? I suppose when go get older we start to be more health conscious and start taking care of yourselves 😀 But it’s always good to go out with good friends like you have – the more food you will order and the more food you can try! I hope you get packing under control soon and that you have enough suitcases to fit everything 🙂

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