geriatric girl bonding

after last night, it’s no longer a question of probability. it’s official: we are old. something we have learned to accept and laugh off because the idea of actually being surprised as to why the bars are still packed with people at 1 in the morning is so funny.

a million years ago, weren’t we a part of that early morning crowd? taking the cue to go home only when the dawn cracks and sunlight starts piercing the clouds, into our bloodshot eyes? nursing sore vocal cords after another sleepless night wasted on buckets of red horse and horrible videoke sessions?

the social cafe cebu

now everything’s smooth and geriatric generic. simple dinners are the way to go. (it’s easier on the joints.)  last night’s girl bonding at the social café consisted of a few slices of pizza (aptly called “three little pigs”), a couple of pieces of chicken, several potato wedges, a glass of margarita, and a whole lot of selfies.

the social cafe cebuthe social cafe cebuthe social cafe cebuthe social cafe cebu

and maybe a bit of videoke for old times’ sake before calling it a night.

regardless of how the scenario has turned out — and will turn out over the next few years, one thing will always remain constant:

the social cafe cebu

i will always and forever love these girls to death. even to the point of shamelessly applying falsies right in the middle of the mall where human traffic was heaviest. (because somebody snipped off the tips of her lashes hoping it would grow long, like babies’ do. lol.)

one of the major perks of getting old?

no longer giving a f*ck. =)

8 thoughts on “geriatric girl bonding

  1. hell yeah, as we grow older, we care less on what others think or say about us or what’s in and what’s not and what’s going on in the city and stuffs…

      1. indeed it is, like we’re not as worried and stressed as we used to be over little stuffs…At this point, we worry about the bigger picture (like for me, getting pregnant, or having a house of my own and a car, hehe)

  2. I’m only turning 24 in a few weeks but I feel this post so much cos I’m going through the same. No more more than 2 bottles of alcohol in one night. ❤

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