because who doesn’t love penguins?

if there’s one thing i totally enjoyed at the melbourne aquarium, hands down, it would have to be those penguins. (and that big aquarium too so make that two things.)

because who doesn’t love penguins?

i think they’re the most romantic of all the creatures in the animal kingdom. and as corny as i am about to sound, i totally dig the fact that they believe in one true love. okay, fine, monogamy — of how they search for their partner and sticking to that one partner for the rest of their lives before the seals make a meal out of either one of them.

okay, so apparently, prostitution is as real in their world as the threat of being eaten alive but i still think they’re the most romantic of all the creatures in the animal kingdom. also because i’m stubborn like that.

for those of you who find the idea of penguin prostitutes scandalous, here’s a little shocker for you which i got from this website which may or may not be telling the truth that i am too lazy to verify.

Penguin females have been observed trading sex for stones! These stones are valuable to females because they are necessary for building nests. Male penguins are known for being monogamous, so it is these females that venture off to make some rocks by making some beds rock!

They typically target single males in order to avoid unnecessary complications, however scientists believe the intercourse is not merely for the stones because females would need to copulate with hundreds of males in order to build a decent nest (they only take 1-2 stones each time, and a nest requires hundreds!)

Scientists theorize that the females may be testing future mates in case their current partners happened to die.

so, anyway, here are some of my favorite photos that jeff took on that day. and by “that day,” i mean last january because this is one hell of a super belated post.

(full disclosure: this blog is practically riddled with super belated posts galore. but you probably figured that already.)

sea life melbourne aquarium

“hey, bro, don’t look now but there’s this really hot chick walking this way.”


sorry. i just had to add that bit of a conversation i imagined those dudes were having. lol. alright, moving on…

sea life melbourne aquariumsea life melbourne aquariumsea life melbourne aquariumsea life melbourne aquariumsea life melbourne aquariumsea life melbourne aquariumsea life melbourne aquarium

 if you wanna see pictures of cute baby penguins who take shelter at st. kilda breakwater, jump on this link.

(warning: that was also the same night i threatened to hit jeff with a torch. i was kidding, of course. as morbid as my sense of humor can get, it would not allow blood on my hands.)

p.s. i read that st. kilda post again and nowhere did it mention about the torch episode so, uh, this is awkward. scratch that previous paragraph. pretend i never said that. hahaha.

6 thoughts on “because who doesn’t love penguins?

  1. Belated post or not, that is some great photos of the penguins by Jeff at the Melbourne aquarium. I haven’t been there in many, many years! I didn’t know there where that many penguins there, I always thought the main attraction was the fish. Now I’m so tempted to go…

    Awww, those penguins are standing up straight with their chests puffed out. They look proud, like little show offs 😀 I hope you had a good time there.

    1. yeah, i thought the same thing too. i didn’t know they had penguins there as well so it was a very nice surprise. i love penguins.

      hey, have you been to st. kilda breakwater? where the baby penguins are? you might wanna go there too. the little baby ones are so adorable!!!

      1. I went down to St Kilda breakwater earlier this spring, near those rocks at the end of the pier. Right after sunset, two penguins wandered out and stuck around for about ten minutes. There was a huge crowd, probably about 200 people. The wind was blowing and it was freezing! I hear it’s warmer and more penguins there in the summer.

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