happy national cat day! =)

chico would just have to understand. i’ll write a separate post dedicated especially for him at some other time but not today. because today, i’m jumping on the bandwagon and doing what i assume 90% of people on the internet are busy doing right now — posting cat pictures.

this one’s for the adorable feline who made me change my mind about loving cats. the same one who kept me company at home while jeff was away at work. who never failed to wake us up in the morning (unless she was outside the whole night cavorting with her lover).

the beautiful, haughty bitch who’d love you at her own convenient time but loves you wholeheartedly nonetheless.


as well as to the new boy in our family who, jeff reckons, is pretty special in a retarded kind of way. lol. we still love him, though.

happy national cat day to all the cat and cat lovers out there! =)

2 thoughts on “happy national cat day! =)

  1. One time I woke up and there was this cat standing near my head. It was there, just staring at me. That look when they’re about to kill. That freaked me out. These animals are natural born killers. We’re lucky that they’re no bigger than our handbags. My mom loves ’em. I try to keep them out!

    1. hahaha. i reckon you’re more of a dog person?

      i was never fond of cats either. until now. they’re quite different from dogs and quite more similar to women. lol.

      and, yeah, like every other animal out there, they can get feisty. (like women. haha.)

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