today it hit me hard

i saw this couple walking on the side of the road.

the girl holding on to the guy’s arm;

laughing over something funny either one of them probably said.

and in a split second, the memories tide me over.

i am awash in a shore of nostalgia.

the movie nights that turned into movie marathons, thanks to viooz.

even watching that horrendous cebuano indie movie about badly made-up vampires

whose ending was just as fucked up as the entire move stitched together.

me feeling proud that you understood the whole thing even though it was all in bisaya.

but then again, with a movie like that, who the hell needs words?

a whole community of zombies in need of better costume and makeup.

wandering aimlessly with their arms stretched out in front of them, typical zombie-style.

as much as it sucked, isn’t it ironic that it has become our all-time favorite inside joke as far as movies are concerned?

no, not the hollywood blockbuster ones where i fell asleep comfortably tucked in that almost sacred space between your shoulders and your little monggos face.

not even a highly intellectual movie such as “her” where i fell asleep again.

“in time” was a pretty good one, though. that one i liked.

especially after you explained the whole concept to me as the movie went on

because i was too dumb to get it.

i’m obviously very slow when it comes to moving pictures.

just as you are pretty slow when it comes to written words.

let’s see how long it would take for you to read this.

so let me make this easier for you.

all i’m trying to say is,

i miss you.

i miss us.

but today it hit me hard.

7 thoughts on “today it hit me hard

  1. Very sad post, I hope you’re okay :/ I’m quite slow when it comes to watching movies and trying to follow what’s happening. I’m the kind who likes to question each character’s motives and tries to figure out what’s going on inside their heads. When the lights come on in the cinema, I’m usually very confused as to what I just watched 😀

    1. hahaha. omg, i’m so like that too. while everyone around me takes everything at face value, i’m usually the one who’s stubbornly asking all the deeper “why?” questions.

      at the end of the movie, i usually find myself still analyzing the movie. it’s crazy, huh, this little quirk we have? hehe.

    1. yeah. guess we’re on the same club, then. sucks, huh? they say it’s good for strengthening the relationship too but give me the traditional physical interaction anytime!

      how are you holding up with your LDR?

      1. distance can either make your heart go fonder, or yonder.. or both.. hehe.. it’s difficult but I guess I’m lucky that I can just ride a plane for 45 minutes so I can reach him when I am missing him so badly…

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