hale manna, moalboal

the day was slowly winding down. jeff ticked off “go to badian” from his list. next up was ticking “introduce jeff in person to my whole family for the first time” off mine.

to say i wasn’t nervous would be half a lie. truth is, i was kinda petrified. sure, he’s talked to them on skype already several times before but nothing like them meeting him face to face. because, you know, anything can happen. either that, or i’ve watched far too many meet-the-family thanksgiving romantic comedies that it’s not funny anymore how i’m translating them to real life.

but it was all cool. no dramas.

hale manna, moalboalhale manna, moalboalhale manna, moalboalhale manna, moalboalhale manna, moalboalhale manna, moalboal

in case you’re wondering, we stayed at hale manna in moalboal. a relatively new resort which didn’t really have a shoreline but made up for it in terms of amenities, although a pool is not one of them. but you get free use of their kayaks and life vests and snorkels. they had this floating hut several meters from the shore which was where most of the snorkeling took place. (check out jeff’s video on my previous post!)

one of the things i appreciated about the resort, aside from the staff catering to jeff’s endless mango shake orders, was their barkada room where we all stayed. a huge room with about 6 or 8 beds that can accommodate a whole group of friends or families without having to be separated by walls. and it was a neat and clean bungalow too which came with its own bathroom and toilet. the airconditioning was fantastic. without the blanket that i shared with my sister, it definitely felt like winter in melbourne! (warning: depending on how high or low you like your thermostat to be, “fantastic airconditioning” may or may not be a good thing.)

the little huts and hammocks scattered around the resort property definitely added a nice touch to the whole place too. you can lounge in them while taking in the view, or just simply sleep the day away if that’s your idea of chilling. whatever rocks your boat.

all i’m saying is, i think it’s a pretty nice resort. (and no, this isn’t a sponsored post. i wish!)

but, yeah… =)

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