5k (aka jelven and gayle’s 43 minutes of hell)

fun run

glow-in-the-dark bracelets. battery-operated lights worn as necklace capable of sending warning signals from a hundred miles away. oh, and let’s not forget the hyperactive crowd who looked like they just downed a little too much red bull.

the night’s atmosphere was so much like a big fiesta. everyone had that certain aura about them similar to those eagerly anticipating the prospect of lechon.

except that it was actually a fun run. kind of like a marathon, minus the competition. some people probably treat it as such but that’s their problem. because these guys?

fun run

they were definitely there for the fun. and for health too, of course. because running motivates you to work your calves off and get those adrenaline pumping. i think it’s a really good alternative to wasted gym memberships you swore you would religiously do as a new year’s resolution.

fun run

having said that, please note that i am not in the position to preach. i don’t run. i’ve never tried it. i want to. but, until i run out of excuses to wheeze (no, i’m not asthmatic), the only reason you’d ever find me in such an event is because i am cheering for my friends — one who’s on a quest for healthy living; and the other who merely got dragged into it as a proxy because the person he was substituting for got injured.

fun run

also, i’m there for the carbo loading. so make that two reasons. (still thinking of those heaping mcdonald’s french fries that we gorged on later that night. they were so good that for the first time in my life i worried about contracting atherosclerosis overnight in my sleep! but laughing with the freaks gave my heart a good cardiac workout, though. i reckon that counteracted the negative effects of the fries so it’s cool.)

fun runfun run

i’m truly proud of these two for finishing 5k with a record time of 43 minutes. which isn’t bad at all, you guys! (just don’t mind the smug runner who finished 10k right about the same time you did. he was really fast. and you were just plain bitter. lol.)

fun runfun run

but, yeah, you were both awesome. as exhausting as the run must have been for you, i know you had a blast. not even a little bit of rain could stop you from winning those medals. you earned it. here’s to celebrating good health!

fun run

and here’s roma and me celebrating the next most important thing in life — the beauty of perfectly groomed eyebrows. lol. cheers!

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