that little restaurant in springvale

it’s sunday. the kind of lazy sunday whose cool rainy weather induces the most potent form of laziness worse than a virus outbreak. or maybe it’s just me, as i struggle to read this book about an alcoholic teenager recounting her experience of how cheap wines and hard liquor puts her in a euphorically drunken state where her own drunken thoughts fascinate her. something i can actually relate to when i’ve had a little too much to drink. even then, i still think too much. but i love how my thoughts swirl around in my head, blending into such an artistic mess that it can only be called art, abstract as it might be.

on this sober sunday, my thoughts still swirl. but they’re flying in the direction of melbourne. like birds taking flight and instinctively arranging themselves in a v-formation to escape the wrath of winter.

on this sunday, i’m thinking of springvale.

no, nevermind springvale.

i’m thinking of that little restaurant in springvale jeff and i consider an extension to our kitchen, as we go there almost every week. it’s called PHO AN, an authentic vietnamese restaurant with authentic vietnamese servers with their authentic vietnamese accent only jeff can imitate.

pho an restaurant, springvale

i’m thinking about their crispy chicken with red rice, which is SO GOOD it’s freakin’ awesome!!! and it comes with an equally yummy sauce that magically blends the taste of the chicken and the gingery sauce in your mouth.

pho an restaurant, springvale

i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of ordering their cripsy chicken, at the risk of me getting as fat as the genetically mutated chicken of kfc. (knock on wood!)

pho an restaurant, springvale

just as jeff can’t seem to get enough — and even daydreams — of their prawn rolls on sugarcane skewers sitting on a bed of white noodles which you eat wrapped around in lettuce and mint leaves. i forgot what it’s called. i’m merely describing it, as you can obviously tell.

geez. two food posts in a row. what is wrong with me?!

8 thoughts on “that little restaurant in springvale

    1. lol. i don’t think i’d make a good food blogger, lars. i suck at describing food except to say “it’s okay.” or “it’s really good.” both of which mean pretty much the same thing except that they don’t, at the same time.

      you, on the other hand, i reckon you’d be really good at it. because you’re good at describing stuff and you’re surrounded with all the latest restaurants sprouting up like mushrooms in the city. why not give that a try and i’ll be your critique? (i promise i’ll be nice. hehe.)

  1. i’ve been trying to eat healthy since having a baby and one of the first things i tried to make was a korean dish where thin strips of beef were rolled in lettuce and dipped in hot sauce. that was yummy! very tedious to prepare, though. (wala lang, na remind lang ko ato sa pics sa food sa imong jeff). hihi!

    1. this restaurant is at 10 balmoral avenue, springvale in melbourne. however, they’re now under new managament and now have a different name although the menu is more or less the same. the food is still okay, although i noticed that my chicken is now smaller.

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