that friday morning at maribago

maribago bluewater resort, mactan

sometimes i wonder what’s the point of making beds so warm and comfortable when you’re out on a staycation somewhere across town that you almost don’t wanna get out of them to enjoy the other amenities the resort has to offer.

such as a totally inviting and tranquil swimming pool on a glorious friday morning.

between my bed and the pool, let’s just say i had to snooze a bit more before jumping in to appease my water-loving sister who kept nagging me to please wake up already so we can go for a little dip. (yes, i am guilty of sleeping in during outings and such. i am my mother’s daughter, after all.)

maribago bluewater resort, mactan

unfortunately, it was low tide then so the beach was out of the question. on the bright side, it gave us the opportunity to take a morning stroll to the other island which, on high tide, could only be accessible by boat. or by swimming. both of which are fine alternatives if one is not capable of walking on water.

maribago bluewater resort, mactanmaribago bluewater resort, mactanmaribago bluewater resort, mactanmaribago bluewater resort, mactan

for somebody who’s petrified of drowning, i love the beach. i love the scenery. the view. the feel of the sand between my toes and the water on my feet. most of all, i love that certain calmness that only beaches can offer. you know what i mean? i can’t fully describe it but if i have to in one word, it would only be this: peace.

maribago bluewater resort, mactan

(this is pretty random but i also loved these trees, whatever they are called. i found the roots fascinating as i couldn’t help but wonder about the scientific reason behind their formation. #geekalert.)

maribago bluewater resort, mactan

but most of all, i love my family. just because i simply, really do.

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