10 dove street at 10 in the morning

they say two heads are better than one but what they failed to mention is that the third head basically throws everything off balance. which is what usually happens when i tag along with these guys as their third wheel. something that happens quite frequently as they just love having me around. (or secretly not.) the three of us have had a lot of awesome intimate dates together — like that roadtrip to busay which eventually led us to the island in the sky which eventually relegated jelven as our (roma and me) official photographer.

10 dove street

last monday found us in a similar scenario. after lining up to get our priority numbers at the national bureau of investigation office and before finding out that roma and i are in the nbi’s “hit” list (while the real criminal aka jelven got his police clearance without a hitch), we decided to grab lunch at 10 dove street. an hour too early before this quaint little restaurant situated in one of the residential villages in the city was scheduled to open. good thing the staff was so kind as to accommodate us when they barely even organized everything yet. (bless them.)

10 dove street

anyway, like i said, it’s one of those little restaurants in the city that gained popularity by word of mouth. i heard about it before but never really got the chance to go. it’s a lovely place. tiny. secluded. can accommodate only about 24 guests (i counted the number of chairs). most of all, it’s quite homey in a shabby chic kind of way.

10 dove street

i wish i could tell you in excruciating detail what each and every dish we ordered was like according to their taste, flavor, texture, presentation, and all that jazz. but there’s a reason why this blog was never a food blog. it’s not that i don’t adore food. it’s just that, well, i don’t think i’m much of a die-hard-document-everything foodie, if you know what i mean. i did that before but that was my first and last attempt at “serious” food blogging. and to be honest, if push comes to shove and i’m asked to give an opinion of a dish, chances are, my answer would be somewhere around “it’s okay.” as vague as that is. unless it’s really good. of which i’ll say “it’s really good.”

the food there was good. for 220 pesos, you get to choose a sandwich, soup, salad, and cake. it’s kind of like a course menu but with the option of choosing what goes with what.

for the record, i had asparagus soup, pandan cake, and burger steak with rice which doesn’t come with a salad because it already has a side dish on its own. i found that disappointing. i LOVE salads and i was already fantasizing about the kind that i would get. good thing roma hates vegetables so i ate all her greens and i shared half of my steak with her. (i am seriously in danger of becoming vegetarian. jeff’s fault.)

10 dove street

jelven and i shared a pot of twinnings green tea & mint which was heavenly! (note to self: buy some of that for jeff and me.) when the first pot was consumed, we asked for more hot water to make the most of the flavor that’s left in the teabag. not because we were cheapskates but because that’s just how we roll. needless to say, that second pot cleansed our guts like any plain hot water would. but it was all good, buddy.

la vie parisienne

4pm found us at la vie parisienne. sipping shanpelino sangria (really good!), eating french croissants (yum!), and basically just celebrating life (and jelven’s suspension. lol.) the parisian way.


6 thoughts on “10 dove street at 10 in the morning

    1. the food was okay. hahaha. whatever that means. but i love the place too. i like small homey restaurants.

      yes, the croissants are really good! and they taste even better with wine, especially the free kind (care of jelven.) lol. namangka ang boang to celebrate his suspension. lol.

        1. as in! pero motambok sad lagi ka geng! murag whole day nakong kuyog nila nagsige ko ug kwenta pila ka pushups akong buhaton para pamawi sa calories. lol.

  1. That’s very American of you to merely say, “It’s okay” or “It’s really good” when describing a food.

    If Latin person likes their food they’ll say, “que rrrrrico.” They’ll trill their r’s and roll their heads back like they’re purring!! Just a little detail 😀

    1. i know. i LOVE listening to spanish and portuguese people rolling their r’s and speaking in that language which i find oh-so-sexy. every word that comes out of their mouth is so romantic. for all i know, they could just be cursing or saying the most mundane of things. lol.

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