roadtrip to santorini

i said it before, but i’ll say it again: cebu really has the best of both worlds!

and i’m not saying that just because i live here. i’m saying that because it’s true. (but mostly because i live here.)


if you’re sick of the beach and you wanna hit the mountains for a change of scenery, no problem. you can easily go on a road trip and pretend you’re in santorini once you reach the boundary between busay and balamban like roma and i did sitting on those white concretes simply because we want to, not to mention that it’s so much cheaper to deliberately subject our brains to a momentary delusion of grandiose than to actually buy tickets to greece.

and besides, you gotta admit it does look kind of like santorini. like if you block out the little kids and the dirt and the trees and the two psychos and focus on nothing but the white cubes and the white cubes alone, it’s so much like santorini already.

i can’t blame you if you can’t picture the resemblance, though. i pity your lack of imagination.


when it’s not santorini, it’s obviously switzerland. minus the snow. and, of course, the garbage.


but when it’s neither of the two, then it’s just cebu — with its little hidden treasures that may be nothing but stones and pebbles but nonetheless, they are something every cebuano child keeps in their pockets. the same ones they count over and over again to ensure that nothing is missing.

the same ones they miss when it’s gone.

4 thoughts on “roadtrip to santorini

    1. what, the roadside trash? lol.

      us cebuanos and our love for cebu — warts and all! although for some reason, the only place in cebu i have never grown to love is mandaue. must be the crowd and the traffic.

        1. true. although we both agree that we both love cebu — warts and all, we’re not blind to the fact that some warts do exist! nonetheless, cebu will always be our home. =)

          i’ll check out your post in a bit…

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