a cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake


some people can tell a good cupcake from a not-so-good one. i can only speak for myself — they all taste the same to me.

sometimes i even wonder why i bother to post stuff about food when i’m not so much into food as i am into the whole experience of spending quality time with the people i happen to spend it with.

but i can’t help it. the cupcakes look so pretty they deserve all the airtime they can get:


these babies are from cupcaken, by the way. it’s this new pastry shop at banawa that’s getting all the raves from cupcake fanatics who would swear up and down that it serves some of the best cupcakes in town.

i can only tell you that the place is nice. you can bring your friends there to hang out and eat cupcakes galore like you’re having the grandest cupcake party because their furniture is butt-friendly too.

aside from the obvious fact that they are photogenic, i can’t really tell you much about the cupcakes.  that would be like asking a group of whale sharks how they want their steaks done. however, if push comes to shove and my life depended on that one comment about those cupcakes, i’d probably say they’re pretty good. and i don’t mean that in a so-so way. i mean that in a good way. you know, like, they’re good in a good way. something to that effect.

but really, they all taste like cupcakes to me.

13 thoughts on “a cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake

  1. mara is one of those cupcake fanatics you’re talking about. easily goes bananas over cupcakes. the ones at sweet little things and phoebe’s cupcakery are good too.

    1. any specific cupcake flavors(?) from those stores you wanna recommend? maybe i should give cupcakes another try. but as it is, i’m not really into desserts. unless it’s ice cream. or buko pandan. hehe.

      1. red velvet is her favorite, especially at cupcaken. try also sweet little thing’s best seller mud pie cupcake. if you prefer cupcakes with frosting, according to mara nice pud daw sa cupcake society (at fuente near cebu doc).

        i’ve tasted some of these cupcakes. parehas ra ta jan. they’re “okay lang”. i guess some people are just not into cupcakes as much as others. different strokes for different folks.

        1. sweet little thing has a stall in sm, right? the mud pie sounds interesting. i’ll give it a try and see how it works out.

          thanks, henikins!

            1. hey hen… i had a bite of their red velvet and lemon cupcakes already. i liked the lemon one better, mainly because of the poppy seeds.

              red velvet tastes like red velvet. no different from other red velvet cupcakes of other pastry shops. but that’s just me though. kahibaw naka nako. hehehe.

            2. yes, lami daw ang lemon. SLT’s red velvet isn’t as good as Cupcaken’s daw according to Mara. wait… did you try the mud pie? cos mao common favorite sa mga people. although i find it too sweet…makabongog kind of sweet.

              actually i barely tasted all these cupcakes cos i let mara do most of the gorging. i could barely taste the difference pud. i’m just repeating what mara and other people say. hehehe!

            3. haven’t tried the mud pie yet. nakakaon rasad ko ato kay el2’s friend gave her SLT cupcakes man on her birthday last 17th. lami ang lemon ‘coz dili sha ngilngig because of its lemon-y taste. (duh! lemon gani, jan! hahaha.) the poppy seeds added an interesting crunch to every bite. will try the mud pie nya. maybe then i’ll post some comments about it and dedicate that post to you. that is, if dili ko tapolan. hehe.

      1. and by “personal,” i mean private. as in “by invitation only.” paranoid imong lola. hahahaha! don’t tell her i said that. lol.

    1. you’ve always been a sweet tooth, girly girl. that much i know about you. =)

      are you aware of the “fact” that people who like desserts and other sweet food are generally happy people? while those who are into fruits are the hopeful ones. (i’m not sure if that information is reliable, though. hehe.)

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