the earthquake aftermath

sto. nino church

i love old churches. i have always had this fascination with them because not only do i see history embedded on its walls, i imagine millions and millions of stories of the past long gone hidden within the crevices of the limestone or the age-old dust particles moving unnoticed within.

i am fascinated with the stone walls, most especially. something i have probably mentioned somewhere in this blog before. i love them for their stability. their silent strength which lasted hundreds of years. how they withstood the tests of time.

sto. nino church

until now. until that magnitude 7.2 earthquake which shook cebu and bohol last october 15th. the same one that had me running for safety while carrying my dog out of the house. i swear to god it was so scary. it felt like i was in a movie and there was me running while trying to maintain my balance because the ground was moving under my unstable feet. i watched the house and the steel poles shake. i thought the shaking would never end.

it was just that feeling of helpless, you know? it made me realize how easy it is for nature to kill us. which is probably the reason why she’s very protective of us in the first place. because she knows the extent of her power. she knows how she can wipe us all off the face of the earth just like that.

sto. nino church

there are worse damages than the ones we have here in cebu. bohol got it real bad, as they were in the epicenter. heaps of centuries-old churches fallen to the ground, some looking like they’re beyond repair.

but it’s not only the churches that need help. the people there badly need help too. my sister and her friends organized a fundraising campaign to provide for the immediate needs of the people living in the badly hit areas. they’ll hold another fundraising next week so hopefully they would be able to come up with more donations. i might post her photos here, if she took some, when she gets back from bohol. for now, 1,900+ recorded aftershocks later, i’m just praying for it to stop so they can all finally move on and rebuild their lives from the ground up.

2 thoughts on “the earthquake aftermath

  1. This is so sad. My heart bleeds for the people of Bohol and Cebu. And I am so sad that some of our churches were damaged or reduced to rubble. 😦

    I hope all your loved ones here in Cebu are safe.

    1. yeah, my family is fine. but the aftershocks still get scary, you know? and it’s crazy ‘coz you don’t know when the next earthquake would happen so… it’s crazy.

      i feel bad about the churches too. more so for the people stuck in such a difficult and trying times. praying for everyone’s safety. most of all, i pray that all these earthquakes and aftershocks would just end already! =l

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