sarah geronimo in melbourne

sarah geronimo concert

at the risk of sounding fanatic, i must admit: i do like sarah geronimo. she’s one of my few favorite artists in the philippine show business. so when jeff informed me that his group of friends, err won, were performing front act for her concert and that they gave him two tickets to see the show, i was kind of excited.

because, well, as indifferent as i may be to local showbiz personalities, there will always be a tiny part of me that would still get kind of starstruck at the prospect of seeing somebody (relatively) famous in the flesh. most especially when it’s for free.

sarah geronimo concertsarah geronimo concertsarah geronimo concert

she’s really good, sarah. such a powerful singer. just as i expected. i mean, that’s something every filipino knows already. so, yeah, she’s really good. and i like how she seems so down-to-earth. she seems like a very nice girl. (if i sound like i’m running out of things to say, that’s because i am. i honestly can’t elaborate any further. not when there’s really nothing much to say because that’s all i ever wanted to say in the first place.)

sarah geronimo concert

oh, and john santos was there too. you know, the comedian who’s known for impersonating ate V? well, apparently, he can do erap and ninoy too. i didn’t know that. my favorite would have to be his impersonation of erap. he got me laughing a lot of times there.

sarah geronimo concertsarah geronimo concert

there you go. my very first filo concert here in melbourne. all these photos are jeff’s, by the way. he’s starting to become my blog’s official photographer when this used to be just a one-woman show. it’s nice how he’s really supportive about this hobby of mine. so much so that while i was sitting there enjoying the concert in comfort, he was up there by the stage taking pictures on my behalf.

good boy. =p

2 thoughts on “sarah geronimo in melbourne

    1. well, she does seem to be one of the genuine ones, yeah? and i like the way she acts too. not that i’ve seen all of her movies but she’s pretty good.

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