of trash and treasures

i’m thinking of writing about the stuff that’s happening to me here in my “new life” down under. you know, just random stuff. like jeff’s cat, popit. or that time we (jeff, not popit)  went out for late-night pancakes at glen waverley, braving the cold and the drizzle, simply because the dude was hungry and i am his shotgun rider slash eating buddy.

stuff like that. plus, maybe the obvious fact that i finally gained weight which, a year ago, would have made me jump with joy because i’ve always wanted to gain weight except that now that i have, it’s kind of making me nervous.

yeah, i could maybe post some random stuff here once in a while but i don’t wanna appear narcissistic. especially since jeff is so into photography and me (right, jeff? lol.) that he has no other choice but to use me as his model. mind you, i’m very shy. like, VERY! he photographs cars and i can tell you right now that those cars can work it better than i ever could no matter how hard i try. not that i even try. but still.

consider yourself warned.

anyhow, two sundays ago, we went to the trash and treasures market which is this open space market that’s a movie drive-in at night. the market is open only on sundays. it sells anything and everything by people who wanna sell their stuff off their cars or vans. second-hand stuff and what-have-you. you’re lucky if you find something you like. it’s ain’t called “trash and treasures” for nothing.

i wanted to buy one of those herbs that are planted in small pots. which is kind of stupid considering that not only do i not have a green thumb, i also do not have the skills in cooking. apparently, i’m pretty good at not having the basic life skills necessary to survive. BUT… mind you, i am a very good dishwasher. like, totally. which, to me, should also be considered as a life skill because come to think of it, how the hell can we eat if the dishes are all dirty?

so, yeah…

oh, and we also went to the tip. which is basically a dumping site for junk and jerks (i kid. but wouldn’t that be poetic?). there, they also sell these salvaged items. things you can use at home, in your garden, etc. and bikes too. there were heaps of bikes there.

i’m not really into bikes (although i have the feeling i will be soon) so i just bought 4 pieces of glasses for 50 cents each simply because i thought my strawberry yoghurt would look nice in them. thing is, they turned out to be stuart crystal cocktail glasses which, according to google, are actually collectors’ items! (i did my research. the acid etch “stuart england” got me curious.) now i don’t know if i have the heart to actually use them. but i have the feeling i will. or not.

the rest of the day was spent looking at furniture in furniture shops and ended with me and jeff eating mexican food at the mall. and buying matching sweaters because we’re corny like that.

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