badass biker chick

“i’m unboxing your bike.”

for a second, i practically had an out-of-body experience reading his text message early in the morning. i couldn’t help myself. my text reply was practically screaming.


new bike

so, yeah. he got me a bike. with six gears at that! (he raved about the bike having six gears i figured a bike with six gears must be special enough so i thought i might as well mention that fact here. because to be honest, while he was pretty worked up about those gears, all i could think was, “six gears for what?”)

apparently, bikes these days come with gears. i didn’t know that. back in the days when i borrowed other people’s bikes because i never had my own, i was lucky if they even had brakes! so a bike having gears is probably the last thing i could think or care about. but it does help, those gears. after jeff taught me how to use them and i got the hang of it, i realized it’s actually a pretty good invention. except that it kind of brought out some form of obsession in me that half the time i was focusing more on the numbers on the handle bar than i was on the road.


well, not the road exactly. because i was mostly just going round in circles in some vacant parking area jeff was having a photoshoot at. loser.


but for what it’s worth, i think i do make a pretty good badass biker chick. i told him that. all i need is a bandana and i’m pretty much geared up to go trailblazing with my little bike with its little bell with its cute little bell sound to warn big trucks and forklifts of my presence. not that i’d actually need the bell. with jeff being so protective, i have the feeling he’d also get me one of those ultra-bright neon jackets capable of stopping traffic regardless if it’s night or day.

not that i’d actually need the jacket. because to save him from the trouble of buying a jacket and to appease his fears at the same time, i’m thinking of wrapping myself with colorful LED lights that would put any christmas tree to shame. while still looking like a badass biker chick at the same time. (something i will never compromise. nah-uh.)


hell, yeah, i can definitely race a turtle with this baby!

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