this heidelberg girl ain’t no heidelberg girl no more


wasn’t it just three months ago that i met these people in this country for the very first time? and now, with the 3-month nursing program done, one by one everyone has either left or is leaving. which leaves me feeling quite sentimental because in a way, i am one of those who left too.

i’m still in victoria though for god knows how long. i just moved to a different suburb down south.


but heidelberg will always have a special place in my heart. i walked her streets everyday at 4:30 in the morning — freezing — just to catch the 4:52 am train to the city. listened to the frantic beats of her heart that are the beeping sounds of the pedestrian lights when there is no one in sight. and when i said silent prayers for safety against hit-and-run accidents and drug addicts and psycho killers jeff always warned me to be very very very careful against, she prayed for me too.

so yeah… i’ll miss her.


moving out and moving on.

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