meet chico!!! =)

maribago public beach

no pets were allowed at maribago bluewater beach resort where my sister and her friends enjoyed the comfort and the luxury of the resort’s day use so ram and i drove chico further down the street to maribago public beach where the staff were actually quite thrilled at the sight of a dog the size of an inflated guinea pig.


i’ve been tweeting about chico for two or three weeks now but i never really got the chance to formally introduce him here so… everyone, meet chico! he’s a havanese dog born on the exact same day (december 27, 2012) as my second niece, adie girl. like my charming little niece whose cheeks i want to pinch each and every time, chico has quite a lovable personality. and already i love him to bits! (except for the playful biting. he’s teething.)

maribago public beach

i think i found the perfect breed of dogs for me. i’ve always preferred small, hairy dogs. havanese dogs, the national dog of cuba, are the perfect package. they’re intelligent, friendly, and hypoallergenic. they’re particularly eager to please, which i take as both a good thing and a bad thing because this dog won’t let me out of his sight! he sleeps by my feet, conveniently resting his head on one of my slippers so the moment i take a step, he’d get the signal. he’s adorable!

maribago public beach

another reason why i love this dog? ram and i can take him anywhere with us because he’s actually pretty well-behaved. almost anywhere, that is. anywhere that doesn’t say “no pets allowed.”

oh, and i almost forgot: yesterday, we kind of forced chico to go for a swim. lol.

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