small lagoon

the day was slowly winding down, and so was my energy level. contrary to popular belief, even activities as exciting as island hopping in one of the most desirable places in the philippines can drain you too.

but, lo and behold! the beauty of the small lagoon’s outer cove has the ability to perk up even the dead energizer bunny!

small lagoon, el nido

i love the small lagoon. always have. it’s one of my favorites in el nido. i love the calm waters that are so clear they are transparent enough you can see the sand and rocks below. it’s an enchanting place, the small lagoon. and at the risk of sounding redundant, i love it!

small lagoon, el nido

remember the secret lagoon with the tiny hole as its entrance? well, the small lagoon’s kind of like that too. except that you swim right through it. all of a sudden you’d find yourself in narnia.

small lagoon, el nido

or at least, the aquatic version of it. it’s a good place to snorkel too but i find you don’t really need your snorkeling gear when you can see them without having to dip your head in.

small lagoon, el nido

the small lagoon may have been named “small” but it’s actually so much bigger than the secret lagoon. of course, not as big as the big lagoon but… you know, in terms of size, the small lagoon is actually the medium one. just right for the claustrophobic in you and me.

small lagoon, el nidosmall lagoon, el nidosmall lagoon, el nido

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