if you were in our place, you’d go crazy too!

we couldn’t help ourselves. when the opportunity presented itself, we grabbed it by the balls and decorated away! the moment the staff at red ribbon bakeshop handed us the plastic cone thingie with white icing inside, we asked if we could use the whole bag.

“dili man na sha mahurot, ma’am,” he said politely.

obviously, he didn’t know what we were capable of doing with a bag of icing because we ended up using more than three-fourth of it. last night, we were officially cake graffiti artists!

gayle's birthday

i know it may not sound much but i found it really fun! the first stroke was an instant high. immediately, i was like, “hey, i can do this for a living!”

not to boast but i believe i have really steady hands (unless i’m nervous, of course.) awhile ago, i just performed a mantoux skin test on ram, my sis, and my dad from the extra solution the doctor gave me (i needed it as a requirement. so far, no reactions, baby!) and as sadistic as this sounds, i enjoy watching blebs form on human skin. it’s exciting, in a way. except when i kind of miss. kind of like what happened to my sister. lol. she’s fine.

gayle's birthdaygayle's birthday

anyhow, like i said, it was really fun. even the guys were secretly giddy about it. i mean, you could tell. as macho as they wanted to appear, they doodled away like little girls — writing their names in fancy strokes they were almost unreadable. (jelvin’s definitely was. unreadable, that is. i don’t know how that guy managed to get past kindergarten. haha.)

gayle's birthday

point is, this is what happens when four people try to write icing dedications to a truly wonderful friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday — you get a lot of nonsense. see that creature beside al john’s name? that’s not a rat. that’s twixie, gayle’s dachshund. my humble masterpiece. thank you.

gayle's birthday



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