uh, yolo?

i like to think that my blog is a very wholesome blog. thus, i had to weed through 255 highly incriminating photos of us celebrating pow-pow’s birthday in spite of the sin tax bill signed into law by the president last month.

because you only live once, right?

yeah. so does your liver.

p.s. i should have been a dj. i sure rocked the house with alternative songs on that night! but, of course, it was something we all could relate to, being children of the 90’s. good thing there were no teenagers there or the whole time they would’ve been shaking their heads wondering what the hell we were jamming to. lol.

p.p.s. belated happy birthday, pow-pow! i know you had a blast! next year again? no?

pow2's birthdaypow2's birthdaypow2's birthdaypow2's birthday

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