puerto princesa crocodile farm

no, they don’t actually call it by that name but “palawan wildlife rescue and conservation center” is just too long for a title. not to mention that it sounds so serious. i like to call it, simply, the crocodile farm. because it is basically a crocodile farm. no offense to the other animals sheltered there.

i’ve been there before. i’m not into crocodiles so to have to go there twice was life’s twisted way of asking me to re-sit a test i just failed on a subject i find absolutely uninteresting. no offense to those crocs. but, you know, we all have our interests. some love crocodiles. some love hermès bags. it all boils down to that. i guess.

and because i have been there before, it wouldn’t feel right for me to talk about it again, as there’s really nothing more to talk about. the last time, i didn’t even really dwell on the subject so i don’t see any reason why i should now.

i’ll let these photos do the talking instead:

puerto princesa crocodile farmpuerto princesa crocodile farmpuerto princesa crocodile farmpuerto princesa crocodile farmpuerto princesa crocodile farm

4 thoughts on “puerto princesa crocodile farm

    1. you have a special place in daddy’s heart so if magpabangka man gani ka niya, i’m sure he wouldn’t say no. =)

    1. thanks, lars! some of the photos here in my blog i own, some i borrowed from the people around me on those trips.

      if you’re talking about the crocodile pic, i took that photo using my nikon P500. it’s supposed to be a bridge camera but the way i see it, it’s just a digital camera pretending to be a grown-up DSLR. on eternal auto mode. lol.

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