baker’s hill

the first time i went to baker’s hill in puerto princesa, palawan, the place was already nice enough. one year later and i noticed that they improved the place to an even nicer place! (business, apparently, is doing great!)

baker's hillbaker's hillbaker's hill

anyhow, for those who don’t know, baker’s hill is this mini-park that is a favorite tourist destination in puerto princesa. while their outdoor garden is famous enough, their hopia is just as (or much more) famous. (personally, i like their chocolate crinkles better.) i gather that it’s more of a bakery than a park. the latter probably just came about out of people’s need for a place to chill while eating warm, freshly baked hopia. but don’t quote me on that. i am not familiar with its history so i was merely guessing. =)

don’t you just love that tree above? that one is my favorite. i don’t even know what that is but it’s a very beautiful tree. as beautiful as the look on my mom’s face happily cradled next to my dad’s tummy. hehe. if that’s not love, then i don’t know what love is.

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