last night, at larsian.


the original plan was to go and check out this event going on at SRP but when we got there, not only were there hardly any people (it was a monday, after all.) but the barbecues were way overpriced! which is why we found ourselves at larsian instead, a famous barbecue joint in uptown cebu for like, ever. it’s one of those places cebuanos can definitely identify with.

it didn’t always look this clean or organized, though. maybe the government figured that since it has become a tourist destination, might as well give it the facelift it badly needed. i don’t know with you but while its former haziness may have added a certain allure in a carcinogenic sense, i am happy to be done away with the smoke. as much as i love barbecues, i love my lungs more.

for the record, i’m not really into larsian, but that’s only because there’s this certain hole-in-the-wall eatery in urgello whose chicken barbecue gets me craving for some at least every other week. hands down, it’s my favorite barbecue joint in the city. girly knows what i’m talking about. (sucks that i don’t even know the name of the place as i never bother to look up and read their sign board.)


it’s not unusual to be serenaded while eating at larsian. most of the time it’s usually just a bunch of kids caroling. however, last night was kind of awkward. partly because right by our table was this lone man gently strumming his guitar. mostly because he was singing “till there was you” as if ram and i were having a romantic, candlelit dinner.

as if the barbecue sticks were steak bones and the bottles of pepsi were wine.

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