best cebu blogs award 2012. here we go.


talking about these ducks would have been easier because, you know, they’re peking ducks and they’re super cute and apparently, super tasty too. but i won’t be talking about how tender their meat is. that’d be like having an animated conversation with a cat lover about, well, cat siopao.

so, no, i won’t be talking about these ducks. i’ll be talking about something else, which makes me wish i were talking about those ducks instead. or, to heighten the awkwardness, about cat siopao.

but i’ve been postponing this post for 8 days already ever since i received the email last november 27th. typhoon pablo came and went and here i am: talking about ducks and cat meat stuffed inside steamed buns when i should be talking about that thing.

not because i don’t wanna talk about it, but because i get really shy having to announce and all that, yeah, my blog is a qualified nominee for the annual best cebu blogs award 2012. *blushing like hellboy*

i know there are lots of great cebuano bloggers out there (i even stalk most of them!) and i’m just happy to be qualified, period. because with or without an award, i’m pretty sure i’d still be here, writing about things i wanna read about when i’m demented but not dead. and as much as it would be cool to win something — anything — i can’t get my hopes up too high. because i think that in the end, it would still be about popularity and really getting your blog out there, if you know what i mean. i’m quite comfortable in this cozy little nook, thank you very much.

speaking of gratitude, i would like to thank the 30+ friends and family who “liked” me on facebook. i don’t have facebook so it really means a lot to me to NOT be the only person there who doesn’t even have one lousy thumbs up sign on her behalf. i only needed 1 “like.” but i got 30+ more so… thank you. =)

even to my older sister, may-ann, who “liked” the wrong button. i got a good laugh out of that. (gamay ra gani kaayo ko ug “likes,” nasayop pa jud ug “like” akong ate! lol.)

and, of course, to the sponsors:


nevermind that multiply broke my heart last august when it announced that they’re shutting down their blogging platform. the same one i’ve been using for 5 years(!) to a point where i had to panic-download 250+ albums like crazy and manually transfer hundreds or so of memorable posts here in wordpress. for what it’s worth, multiply was there when i was just a budding writer. (i’m still budding.)

and buddies, remember jelvin? he’s out to get you.

9 thoughts on “best cebu blogs award 2012. here we go.

    1. the “liking” period ended a month ago, che. i never really posted anything about me because i was never really the “like me!” type. i did ask my closest friends, though. just so i wouldn’t get zero likes. because that would be, well, embarrassing. lol.

      1. next year tell me in advance, kahit di tayo super close, hehe. i’m not the “like-me” type either. but when i like, i like :-). in FB, you can totally tell which are the reel and real likers.

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