mj's bachelorette party

if these pictures were babies, they’d have been teething by now. but then again, at the rate i’m going, i have several toddlers scattered here on a time-out. just waiting to see the light of day.

crown regency hotel guadalupe

anyhow, these were taken during girly’s friend’s bachelorette party last july at the crown regency hotel in guadalupe where they have this vintage room filled with, of course, vintage stuff.

mj's bachelorette party

let me just say this: girly’s a wonderful organizer! she was the MOH and i was the MOH’s H. (maid of honor’s helper.) she really goes out of her way to make other people’s special day extra special. i can just imagine the lengths she would go through when it comes to one of the schizos’ own wedding or bachelorettes or whatever.

because, really, that’s just the kind of girl that she is. and she doesn’t expect anything in return. like she’s the kind who’s kind because she’s the naturally kind kind. know what i mean?

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