blue, green, red, and white: a parade of lights

every city has its own way of bringing its people together: festivals, dances, and elaborate costumes whose colors and designs make you weep at the very sight of it all. in cebu, we have the highly-anticipated sinulog festival which incorporates all of the above.

tacloban’s was something else.

tacloban festival of lights

because instead of dancers, they had floats. and instead of creative costumes, they had lights. tiny light-emitting diodes which made the viewers’ eyes sparkle with stars and amazement.

tacloban festival of lights

celebrated every june-ish of the year, the parade of lights is one of the major highlights of tacloban city’s sangyaw festival. although i wasn’t really able to see the parade itself, i was lucky to have seen the stationary floats parked in their, uh, park the night after the parade.

tacloban festival of lights

walking around the park and looking at these floats was like being happily lost in a wonderland of giant creatures bursting with color and lights that hover strategically over flowers and mushrooms like an army of fireflies positioned in place to create an overall stunning effect.

tacloban festival of lightstacloban festival of lights

but if i have to pick a favorite, it would have to be this. god knows how many times i wished my niece was there with me on that night. she would have loved to see her very hungry caterpillar smiling brightly up there!

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