oslob church complex

i wish i could promise you that this is the last of my oslob series but i can’t. because a couple of weeks ago, i went back there again with gayle and aj and it would be unfair not to post a little something from that day. although i probably wouldn’t be talking too much about the heritage sites then, as the stuff i need to tell you have all been written so far and i’d hate to sound redundant. even to myself.

calle aragones

so what else did i miss from oslob’s church complex?

well, there’s calle aragones, reputed to be oslob’s oldest street which was named after father juan aragones, a parish priest during the spanish era. i don’t know how old old the street actually is. but i gather it’s reaaaalllly old.

just because they said so.

oslob baluarte

i should probably also tell you about the baluarte, or what’s left of it. but i’m feeling kind of lazy tonight so i hope the information on the marker would suffice. it has to. it’s not like i know anything else about it that’s not written in there. (i mean, come on, do i look like somebody who has lived through 1788?!)

oslob baluarte

oslob baluarte

the whole place is very pretty and very photogenic, though. something you probably expected to hear me say. and why wouldn’t i? the sparkling turquoise waters are a wonderful addition to this jewel box of a place that is the oslob church complex.

oslob church complex

oslob church complex

and don’t you just love the wooden doors with its capiz shell accent? gorgeous! ♥

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