here, can you handle this?

buddies burger

consider it the burger category of foodporn for the obvious reason that it’s loaded with beef patties and cheese alternatively stacked up high on top of each other to make one giant burger mountain uncomfortably squeezed in between buns.

heart attack was the first word that immediately came to mind the moment i saw it. those people working behind the counter better be equipped not only with charm but with CPR skills because this stuff is serious!

but it’s also seriously delicious too. i don’t know if it was the cheese or if it was drugged but the next day found me wanting to go back to buddies for some of those burgers.

yes, buddies is the name of the place which is located in piazza elesia in talamban. from san carlos talamban, just go straight, straight, straight and then you’ll see it to your right. i’m telling you that because (1) i suck at giving directions, and because (2) that’s what we did because that’s what you do when you wanna go to a place where you have no clear idea of its location; only that it is located somewhere there.

and no, i didn’t eat that thing all by myself. my friends and i shared it among the six of us (which was probably one factor which made it taste so good!).

but if you’re up to it, you can get one of these quadruple burgers (as it is called) with fries on the side and eat them for free — provided that you devour (you read that right.)  it within 5 minutes. they probably wouldn’t take care of your hypertensive medication  maintenance but who cares about that if you get a shirt along with your free 5-minute meal?!

they call it “the ultimate burger challenge,” by the way. a challenge jelvin accepts and will take part of the next time the diner finds us there.

goodluck nalang jud sa burger! lol.

2 thoughts on “here, can you handle this?

  1. Pariha ta i want to go back there. Let’s have a date there sometime soon! Ps i think i want to make an account here.

    1. i wish you would. make an account here, i mean. wordpress would be sooo much fun! =)

      naa koy feeling makabalik jud ta sa buddies one of these days. jelvin’s ready na baya! gi laming na to ang boang! lol.

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