boldly inviting


from where i was sitting, the bold basic colors of black, red, and white spoke to me. it distracted me. a distraction i entertained as i took in every line and every swirl of the unknown artist’s graceful yet steady hands.

i’ve never fallen in love this hard with a painting before. last night was the first.

i’m no art connoisseur. if i’m into abstracts, that’s only because of the free interpretation it provides the person looking at it. i like that freedom. i like that it allows me to see what i see and accept whatever it is i’m seeing without limiting my interpretation within the four corners of the frame. because truthfully? most of the time my interpretations are far off, at best. stupid, at worst.

because art, like everything else, is subjective, i asked gayle who was sitting beside me what she thought about the painting.

“a gumamela,” she said. “and you?”

changes. i think it’s all about changes.

either i’m a pretty deep person or i am a person who’s deeply disturbed. lol. gayle was like, “wa man ka nag-ingon palawmanay diay ni!”

4 thoughts on “boldly inviting

  1. hahaha. i told gayle about this little anecdote of yours and she messaged me how you waited til everyone had their visualisations finish (waves, sea, sand and gumamela) before you started churning philosophical ideas out of the painting. 😀 hahahaa. maru man ka jan…

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