palanas farm and resort

palanas farm and resort

when i hear the words “farm” and “resort” used in one breath, immediately i think of nature and architecture complimenting each other to form a harmonious balance that makes you appreciate both worlds.

unfortunately, palanas farm and resort didn’t quite meet my standards in that aspect.

palanas farm and resort

sure, their main pool (one of four, i think.) looks pretty in the pictures but in general, the resort was just way too concrete-y for my personal taste. it lacked the rough and rustic effects of wood or whatever indigenous materials that truly give a place its own identity — flaws and all. it’s just too generic. and in my dictionary, generic basically means bland so nothing in this resort blew me away.

palanas farm and resort

except maybe for the wind blowing in the rooftop. the cool breeze was definitely a refreshing welcome hug for us who had to travel about 30 minutes on a motorcycle through the mountains. not that i didn’t enjoy the scenery along the way. because i did. definitely one of those “pauses in between” where you think about the universe and everything in it while maintaining appreciation for the smallness of the world around you and how easy it is for the motorcycle to send you flying down into the picturesque ravines below.

something to that effect.

palanas farm and resort

the resort did have a garden on its property, though. it wasn’t exactly a big one and if it seems as if we were swallowed by it, that’s because we had to wade through the greens and yellows and plant ourselves in what little space afforded us the most comfort for that picture-perfect shot.

the itchiness and the rashes, we just had to deal.

palanas farm and resort

beside the garden i told you about is an elevated platform with a non-functioning airplane mounted on it. i don’t really know the story behind that plane or why it’s there in the first place. all i know is that three adults cannot possibly fit inside the decaying interiors of the aircraft without tipping its fuselage. (trust me, we tried. you should’ve heard girly and roma screaming. now that was funny!)

palanas farm and resort

if there’s one redeeming quality of the mountain resort worthy of continuance and improvement, for me it would have to be their mini-zoo. because i love a place where kids can learn about animals and enjoy it at the same time. something that would take their eyes off their gadgets once in a while and see the world for what it really is and for what it really offers.

like the smell of manure that they wouldn’t get to experience through their ipads.

3 thoughts on “palanas farm and resort

  1. re: pauses in between. lol like watching a movie and hearing (or in this case, reading) the title of the movie being said (or in this case, written). i find it funny, you should have it in 90% of your blogs for fun lang.

    re: me and romy screaming, that was THE moment. I thought we were going 3 feet down and die not by the fall but by the rubbles that would surely tear through our skin. haha. shet tetanus.

    re: smell of manure and kids. i agree, they should at least inhale fresh putrid air.

    1. yeah, you and roma screaming inside that little airplane was definitely THE moment! i swear, i could still hear it like it was just yesterday! it doesn’t take a lot to scare the sh*t out of you guys. lol.

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