amusement parks are so not my thing, after all.

st. james amusement park

sure, it’s not disneyland but not counting the traditional local carnivals that sprout during fiestas, st. james amusement park is the only thing cebu’s got in terms of fun rides, games, and food stands.

st. james amusement park

the wooden planks in lieu of concrete pathways suggest that the park may be temporary but who knows? the cebuanos might just want it to be a permanent go-to spot. although it’s probably not the kind of place i’d want to go back to again, simply because i’ve been there already and there’s nothing much to do and see. not much of an amusement park kind of person anyway. jelvin is, though. he was the main reason why we went in the first place.

st. james amusement park

the only ride i ever tried was called the black pearl which was like this boat which swayed from point A to point B, climbed higher and higher, paused for about a second, and then just dropped you suddenly. crazy ride. anticipating the drop was the killer part of it all.

st. james amusement park

among the four of us, only jelvin had the stomach to ride this. i forgot what this was called. i passed on this one, as i hate being spinned around. but jelvin said all it did was spin you round and round making you feel like you’re flying. i didn’t buy it, though. i figured he’s one of those people who should’ve been a rollercoaster engineer or something, given his unbridled excitement for death-defying rides.

st. james amusement park

for guests who merely want to sightsee and take pictures of themselves as different characters, they have these. what do you call them, by the way?

st. james amusement park

the park wasn’t really that big but i wished they had more benches, though. something for the oldies to sit on while waiting for their children or grandchildren.

st. james amusement park

i don’t know if it’s held every night but on the night that we were there (which was a saturday), they had this show presenting different performances and talents from different groups of people.

these guys were amazing! i mean, to be able to contort your body without breaking your bone and forming human pyramids without breaking other performers’ bones — that’s tough! it’s not an everyday talent that you see anywhere so these guys truly deserved my heartfelt applause.

st. james amusement park

although i have to admit that the fire dancers were my favorite. if you know me, you’ll know why. =p

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