camotes island

between santiago bay resort’s seemingly perpetual stretch of fine, powder white sand;

camotes island

secret coves that you discover only when you allow your feet to be led by your curiosity
as to what lurks in the other corners of the place;

camotes island

clear waters on a bed of smooth pebbles and rocks inviting you in for a refreshing swim
to beat the heat of the sleepy sun who just woke up after a cloudy day.


camotes island

mangodlong resort’s idyllic scenery typical of those tourism photos
advertising the beauty of the philippines;

camotes island

where hammocks smile between the strength of handsome young coconut trees;

camotes island

and little huts sit placidly under the heat of the sun or the spontaneous downpour of rain.

camotes island

between those two resorts in pacijan island, camotes,
i choose not to choose.
(although next time, it would be lovely to stay at the latter.)

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