borrowed, bought, given 2011


when i posted the books that i have read last year, i didn’t know that it would be the start of a personal tradition here in my multiply. something to remind me of the various literature that somehow influenced my way of thinking and opened my mind to the realities of the world.

majority of these books are fiction but then again, isn’t fiction based on some kind of truth? imaginary characters whose lives resonate with our own experiences; our own emotional turmoils; our own weaknesses.

drug addicts searching for redemption.
stranded kids learning to survive.
obese women yearning to be loved.
men and women finding and losing love.
daughters struggling to find themselves.

the characters may change but the plots are rife with everyday human experiences that are meant to make or break a person’s soul. the conflicts may vary but the lessons they impart speak the universal truth.


at the end of every story, it’s all about love.

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