like i said, tamilok is a local delicacy in palawan consisting of woodworm. of course, if you order it at some well-known restaurant, they’d try to make the presentation look good. in our case, a daintily sliced red tomato stuffed with green herbs was used to contrast the silvery bluish-grayness of the tamilok. whether or not it appeals to the senses, i leave that to you.

according to wikipedia, tamilok is actually a shipworm. a little trivia on these creatures:

Shipworms are not worms at all, but rather a group of unusual saltwater clams with very small shells, notorious for boring into (and eventually destroying) wooden structures that are immersed in sea water, such as piers, docks and wooden ships. Sometimes called “termites of the sea”, they are marine bivalve molluscs (Eulamellibranchiata) in the family Teredinidae, also often known as Teredo Worms.

now, watch my sister’s and cousin’s reactions after eating them.

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