dining in the middle of a thunderstorm

rainforest park

every once in a while, a new place pops up somewhere in the metropolis and before you know it, people are posting photos of themselves smiling, laughing, hanging out at the new place. whether or not it becomes an “it” place only time can tell.

rainforest park is one of the newbies in the real estate department offering everything you need for muted entertainment. while the name suggests images of trees, muddy trails, moss, and dewdrops holding on to the tips of shiny green leaves, it’s far from the real thing. but then again, rainforests and urban development never really go together. the park may not even be close to the real thing but hey, at least they’re trying. =)

rainforest park

oceanarium restaurant was pretty cool, though. i liked the look and the jungle-y feel, with the thick fake vines clinging on the ceiling, its lifeless tips gently cascading down; dancing to the rhythm of the electric fans blowing at the sides of the non-airconditioned room.

for dinner, we had tinolang manok, pansit, and crispy pata. the first two dishes were okay but the last one wasn’t really crispy, or tasty. to be honest, i didn’t enjoy any of the dishes we ordered. nothing worth coming back to.

sometime in the middle of dinner, i heard the sound of heavy rains and thunderclaps and was bewildered to see rain showers illuminated by soft lights bathing the garden plants to my left. everyone thought it was actually raining outside but as explained by the waiter dressed as an archeologist, it was a rain-simulation program enhanced with sound effects to somehow educate people about artificial rain. i don’t know about that but it sure made the dining experience unique.

rainforest park

with huge aquariums mounted on the right wall, it was fun watching nemo and his friends swim aimlessly around their little world. the aquarian display was fascinating. fishes always have a way of calming the ADHD in me. haha.

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